Truth ExposedI recently read a piece of very interesting news which I thought deserved to make front-page headlines in major newspapers around the world, however it was hardly heard or spoken of.  It has to do with the so-called “right of return” for the Palestinian “refugees” during the Arab/Israel War of Independence in 1948, and a statement that was made in the Al-Palestinia TV by none other than the leader and President of the PLO, Mahmoud Abbas, a.k.a., Abbu Mazen.  It appears that during this speech, his wits were in need of repair when he inadvertently confessed that due to the fear of the Jews taking vengeance on the massacres perpetrated by the Arabs in Hebron, that he and his family voluntarily left Safed on foot under the cover of darkness toward Jordan and then Syria. There you have it! The most vocal voice in the Palestinian society, its leader, shot himself in the foot when he actually contradicted what he has been preaching throughout his career as the number 2 man next to Arafat and now as President. To compound this confession, he even declared that at that time, “People were motivated to run away since they feared retribution from Zionist terrorist organizations…”

I would like you to refer to a previous essay in this web site wherein I wrote extensively about the two-faced, corrupt and holocaust denier, Abbas with whom the international community is pressing Israel to make “peace” with. The ominous “right of return” has been the culprit of Arafat, Abbas and all the leaders of the so-called Palestinians. In fact, it is the primordial tenet probably holding any peace agreement with the Palestinians. They claim that in the 1948 Israel’s defensive war against five Arab armies bent on Israel’s destruction, thousands upon thousands of Arabs living in Palestine were forcefully expelled from the land and their properties vandalized and extorted from them. They further claim that no peace will ever succeed unless millions of Palestinian refugees including their descendants return to Israel, a clever subterfuge for the eradication of the Jewish state.

In a similar context, although the Arabs claim that most Palestinians are native and indigenous to Palestine, this premise fails to stand up to historical scrutiny and is in fact a fabrication, a hoax if you would. However, it has metamorphosed into a key rallying point for Arab nationalism throughout the Middle East similar to the “right of return.” According to the words of Abbas, the President of the PLO, their exile from Israel was on their own free volition since they feared a reprisal to the massacre committed against 67 members of the ancient Jewish community of Hebron in 1929 instigated by the infamous, Nazi driven Mufty of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini.

So the global media has wisely minimized and even covered up this particular piece of confession by a prominent Palestinian leader since the new world order would never expose anything that would upset or offend the Arab world. In contrast, it appears that there is a global consensus to diabolize, lambast, and curse Israel, more so than any other country in the world. The new world order now led by the Obama administration who even called terrorists “resistance fighters” despite their attacks on civilians and is using a relaxed attitude toward those who are aiming at de-stabilizing the world such as Iran, Syria and N. Korea, will not succeed and will instead encourage diabolical malfeasance. In the absence of justice, and when treaties are based on lies and fabrications, peace, calm and confidence will not come to pass in our time (Isaiah 32:17).

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