back-stabberThe pressure on Israel continues unabated and even worse than it has been in the past decade. Recently, there was an announcement by the Arab League that if Israel complies with the suicidal Saudi plan that all 57 Muslim states will recognize Israel; mind you, not Israel as a Jewish state, of course. We know what peace means with Muslim countries. Even though Israel has a peace treaty with Egypt, this was a much easier conflict to resolve than with a bogus Palestinian terrorist entity which did not exist prior to 1964, courtesy of the arch-terrorist Arafat.  Peace with Israel and Egypt concerned territory, the Sinai, which actually belonged to Egypt prior to the 1967 war. This land actually is not physically within Israel proper. Even so, Middle East expert, Daniel Pipes, regards the Israel-Egypt peace treaty a failure. In fact, Pipes reports that 92% of respondents in a poll of one thousand Egyptians over 18 years of age called Israel an enemy state.

With the phony Palestinian authority, Israel is, without mincing words, threatened by major world players to dismantle Judea, Samaria, Gaza and East Jerusalem from its sovereign state and to make this territory Jew-free, which means casting out hundreds of thousands of Jews from their homes and businesses to become refugees in their own land. Unfortunately, political and intellectual leaders of the Free world lack wisdom and integrity and they only care for their own interests such as uninterrupted sources of cheap oil and political appeasement of Arab countries which number over a billion compared to the measly 13 million Jews. Making any type of deal with such entities such as Hamas and Fatah is a no-win situation. I beg someone to understand what the mentality of these people we are supposed to make peace with is all about. First, in spite of the billions of dollars given to them for the past decade, there hasn’t been any constructive economic or social development, and no vision to create proper institutions and infrastructures for a viable state. Why? Because the prime objective of these Islamist entities is inherent in sharia and jihadist Koranic laws and the defeat of infidels, prominently Jews and Christians.

Rather than being coerced into a two-state final solution, the Netanyahu administration is bringing a proposal to be presented to Barak Hussein Obama on May 18th, 2009 which is a stratagem to avert the  suicidal final solution demanded by all leaders. However, given the track record of the large amount of funds given to the PLO in previous occasions, this option, if approved by Obama, will undoubtedly fail on its face. As in the past, any monies meant to build proper infrastructures for a viable Palestinian state will end up instead being used to build cannons and weapons of destruction. The indoctrination of children in these societies to become suicide bombers and to kill Jews for the past decades will not abate with either monies or another Islamic state in Israel.  In fact, a Palestinian state within Israel will facilitate and expedite the Jihadist’s goal of controlling all of Israel’s borders for total annihilation.

Mr. Netanyahu does not have to bring alternatives such as building economies to the terrorist entities to Obama. He should remember that he represents not only Jews living in Israel but also those in the Diaspora. He should stand firm to abolish any hint of creating a terrorist state within Israel, explain and educate the U.S.  Leaders of the danger inherent in committing such activity, and either continue the alliance with the U.S. on Israel’s terms or leave to govern the Jewish state on its own, which is an ideal alternative, given the circumstances.

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