Even though this article was posted in June 21, 2009,  it completely applies to what is going on today with the US and the EU meeting to have Israel give concessions to Abbas with nothing in return. Treating the Palestinians like spoiled kids and treating Israel like a subordinate of the world with still having a “vassal” mentality for not fighting for its rights as a sovereign nation.

This writer believes that Jews continue to retain some degree of the submissive, complacent and obedient mentality inherited from their forefathers thousands of years ago while in slavery during the Pharaonic period, and not too long ago when they were expelled and massacred from country to country throughout their Diaspora culminating into the most horrendous mass killings under the Nazi regime.

Presently, although the Jews have managed to build an independent democratic nation, Israel, and a strong army and economy, they are still showing signs of submissiveness and subjugation to the rather strange and punitive demands from several U.S. administrations, especially that of Barak Hussein Obama.  This type of “idolization” vis-à-vis the most powerful nation on earth appears to emulate prior Jewish submissive behaviors which culminated in their own tragedy. When Barack Obama is taking a tough and demanding stance to have Israel refrain from building for natural growth, tear down the Jerusalem wall, stop building illegal settlements, especially in Jerusalem, the undivided capital of the State of Israel, you know that this behavior is intended to placate the Arab street at the expense of the once again “sacrificial lamb.” Ironically, it is not just the U.S. who is telling Israel how to govern, the French President, Sarkozy, echoed the U.S. by urging Israel to stop building Jewish settlements and even had the chutzpah to request that Netanyahu sack his foreign minister.

All Israeli governments have shown signs of submissiveness by taking enormous risks to obey the international community’s demands, starting with the dangerous peace processes of Oslo, Taba, the Camp David, Gaza, etc., etc., that gave the Palestinians autonomy without quid pro quo for Israel  except terrorism, incitement and Jihad which has claimed thousands of Jewish lives. Amazingly, the more Israel has ceded and extended its hand for peace, the more it has been globally demonized, delegitimized and scorned.

The Israeli leadership rather than taking courageous and justified steps like any other sovereign country would in the world to stop what has become an absurd situation that threatens the Jewish people with the loss of their indisputable rights to their one and only land, has instead been courting the U.S. and the international community by even offering on several occasions in a silver platter over 98% of land in Judea and Samaria with land swaps, including Judaism’s most venerated and holiest of sites, the Temple Mount by such previous Prime Ministers as Barack and Olmert. All of these peace overtures have miraculously been rejected by the PA because it did not include the return of the Palestinian refugees to Israel, a strategy to demographically destroy the Jewish state.

Jewish submissiveness to the modern Pharaoh, Obama, will only bring disaster and eventually the demise of the Jewish State. Jews seem to have a short memory when thinking that the U.S. looks after Israel’s interest. You may recall for instance the American inaction against the British government to repudiate the malevolent White Paper to restore the Jews of Europe and gain refuge in their homeland. Israel should be governed by a leadership that takes pride in its Jewish history, culture and God-mandated eternal heritage of the Land of Israel in its entirety. Bowing to the U.S. and the international community’s demands to partition the land with enemies bent on Israel’s destruction will create a dangerous and deadly situation not only for Israel but for Jews throughout the world.

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