voice of america“This is a world-wide news alert! Everyone should pay attention to what is happening with regard to settlement activity in Israel! NO, I repeat, NO settlement construction should be allowed in the West Bank even for natural growth. It is a matter of critical importance for the well-being and safety of everyone in this planet that extra bedrooms and bathrooms are not built within the Green Line so that a Palestinian State can be established within the heart of Israel with Jerusalem as its capital.”

The news alert continues every hour on the hour throughout the major world media:

We continue our coverage of our most imminent danger looming upon our lives. You should all know that the settlers in the West Bank are usurpers of the Land of Palestine and that continued construction of homes, including extra toilets and bedrooms, should not be allowed. President Barack Hussein Obama considers this matter to be of the utmost importance and in spite of his heavy schedule such as the worst U.S. recession since the Great Depression, the controversial healthcare issue, and terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq, he is meeting around-the-clock with top leaders of the world and advisors to fulfill this mandate. All leaders agreed that continued pressure has to be exercised upon Israel so that they get on their bandwagon and dismantle illegal outposts and stop building homes for Israeli citizens. In addition, these world leaders are wisely demanding that no Jews should be allowed to live beyond Israel’s temporary Green Line. Several well funded NGOs are keeping a tight watch on settlement activities throughout Israel and President Obama is being updated on its progress 24-hours a day.

The news continues without breaks: These matters should take precedence over others because continued settlement construction beyond the Green Line in Israel can affect all of our lives. Thus, although dangerous news such as unremitting suicide bombings and the killing of hundreds of civilians in Iraq; the threat of Afghanistan and Pakistan, the looming threat of a Nuclear Iran and their fanatical Islamic ambitions, worldwide bioterrorism, mass starvation in Sudan, and many more threats meant to de-stabilize the world, nothing compares to settlement construction and it is by far the most dangerous obstacle to peace in the world today. The most acclaimed U.S. Commander-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, who leads the pack of worldwide leaders to tackle this issue, is very confident that freezing construction in the West Bank en route to the establishment of a Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital will solve all of the looming dangers threatening the world.

Stay tuned for the latest developments in Israel. Let’s hope that no additional additions to existing homes, including children playgrounds, bathrooms, balconies and other structures take place. This alarming danger, when solved and it will be, courtesy of our wise great leaders, will save our world from imminent catastrophes that may impact our very lives in the years to come.


  1. Macki Hamasu nie sięgają całego świata, a to właśnie awkytiści z różnych krajów byli na statkach flotylli. To zresztą nie pierwsza taka wyprawa do Gazy, choć jedyna, którą Izrael odważył się zaatakować. Na pokładach tych statków byli również Żydzi, wcześniej pływali także ocaleni z Holokaustu (jako dobrowolne żywe tarcze). Flotylla była prowokacją polityczą i aktem obywatelskiego sprzeciwu (moim zdaniem uprawnionego). Atak na nią zaś dowodem na utratę orientacji przez rząd Izraela. Flotyllę zorganizowała m.in. turecka organizacja, wrogo nastawiona do Izraela. Ale czy to usprawiedliwia zabijanie ludzi i zwykłą polityczną głupotę?


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