It is obvious that the situation in Israel is one of the most difficult and inexplicable puzzles to solve. For starters, just take a look at our latest elections – No less than 34 parties were bidding for power in the Knesset. What other country in the world is so politically split? The Jewish temperament is indeed known to be very confrontational, fascinated with argument and counter argument. Thus, a final peace solution to our Israel/Palestinian quagmire cannot be found within our own family.  But it is not just Israeli political parties that interfere with any consensus in this land; this situation is even worsened by the division within Palestinian parties, Hamas with its extremist Islamic mindset bent on conquering the entire land of Palestine and the PLO who pretends to be more moderate, albeit also predisposed on gradually occupying the entire Holy Land. There are also those Arabs and non Arabs who have been concocting the idea a one-state solution. However, this would mean a cynical manipulation of ending the aspirations of having a Jewish state based on the overwhelming Arab demographics waiting to invade our shores.

Maybe there is solution that could placate the rivalry and conflicts within this conflict and the word Occupation can finally evaporate in thin air. After all, the entire world is desperate to split Israel into two states, Israel and Palestine. But this option will fail since as I mentioned above, we have different mindsets within our Jewish family as well as within the Palestinian and Arab aspirations. How about the creation of multiple states with their own flags within the limited geographic area that is Israel living one on top of the other in war and peace? I propose the following states:

Hamastan in Gaza with its caliphate and Sharia policies; they already have their flag;

Fatahstan on the West Bank of the Jordan river which will be more secular; they already have their flag;

Christian Arabia with its unfortunate group of people who, under the Palestinian regime, have been the victims of frequent human right abuses by Muslims;

Philististan – a state for those Palestinians that do not fit within the other states like the Samaritans;

Meretzleftland – Tel Aviv could be partitioned from Israel for those crazy socialists who have their own ultraliberal policies;

Judea Orthodoxia – The Haredim community could have Mea Sharim and Beni Brak and they can establish among other things, the establishment of a kosher bus service with strict separation between men and woman without any interference;

Kadimialand – This group could receive a double portion of land so that they can give half of it up to neighboring states for peace since they seem bent on giving up land no matter what;

Gayland – For the gay community, and they have an important thing in their favor, their own multicolored flag.

UNRWA land – Where all refugees could come and live together in perpetual bliss. Naturally, the U.S. and U.N. will continue their steadfast donations so they can subsist without working forever after.

Al-Qudsland – For Muslims throughout the world who yearn to come and pray at the Al-Asqa mosque.

Temple Mountland – For the construction of the third and final Jewish temple.

I could think of many more states within the State of Israel, but maybe the above list could trigger further ideas on how to divide this tiny land even further so that all conflicts can end. If the multi-partition of this land does not placate the world’s obsession with Israel, then I do not know what will. But if it is successful, this idea can be applied to the rest of the world, especially in Europe.

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