world against israelThrough political ploys, the Western world, especially the United States under President Barack Hussein Obama, is treating their ally Israel as an undesirable obstacle that needs to be obliterated in the near future through irrational concessions to an  Islamic culture bent on conquering not just Israel, but the free world. The Western’s selfish reliance on oil takes precedence over suppporting a country such as Israel against an Islamic culture whose profound hatred towards democratic values has no limits.

The likes of the U.N., the E.U. and the U.S. whose desire to satisfy the Arab world to the detriment of the only democratic country in the Middle East will undoubtedly lead to a clash of civilizations rightfully prophesied by Samuel Huntington. Stopping construction in Judea and Samaria so that ultimately a sovereign Palestinian state can surface on all land conquered by Israel from Jordan in 1967 is much more important that taking action against a nuclear Iran which represents the greatest and imminent danger to the world. I should emphasize that Jordan was controlling illegally the lands known as Judea and Samaria pre-1967, rather than a sovereign Palestinian state, since this state never existed.  Thus, the word “occupation” used ad nauseam by the world as a result of the successful Palestinian propaganda machinery to discredit Israel is a misnomer.

The Western world is actually pressuring Israel to share land with neighbors whose culture is the antithesis of freedom and Western values. Take as an example the use of the Palestinian television, teachers, textbooks, cartoons, music videos, sticker albums and summer camps to indoctrinate innocent Palestinian youth to hate Jews, and commit violence and suicide bombings. Just recently, it has been reported in August 24, 2009 the celebration of a massive wedding of 450 grooms in their mid-20’s with girls less than 10 years of age in Gaza. And let’s not ignore the honor killings and debasement of women in the Islamic world. The mantra voiced by the Western world to establish a Palestinian state that will “live side-by-side in peace and security alongside with Israel” is rewarding irrationality and is a catalyst for Muslim territorial expansionism with genocidal consequences not only for Israel, but for the world at large.

To add salt to the wound, the U.N. Human Rights Council, an utterly inefficient and apostate organization bent on the isolation and demonization of Israel, has recently disclosed the Goldstone report, a.k.a., a replica of the Durban I conference, whose deliberate 574-page report finds Israel guilty of crimes against humanity during the war against Hamas in Gaza while effectively giving Hamas a free pass. They even termed Hamas, who has a murderous covenant of death, as a “Palestinian armed organization,” and deliberately disregarded the fact that Israel’s operation was a defensive war to stop thousands of rockets against its civilians in the South.  In addition, this one-sided and hearsay-based paperwork failed to mention that Hamas used its civilian population as human shields. What would you expect of a Goldstone panel set up such pearls as Syria, Pakistan, Malaysia and Bangladesh?

It is plainly clear that the world is turning its back on Israel and looking into their own interest,  with a desire to provoke Israel’s alienation if not destruction; they are creating an unjust equivalence of a democratic state with a terror organization; however, this nefarious plot will undoubtedly rebound like a boomerang and encourage terrorist and jihadist entities throughout the globe to have free reign to pursue their murderous and theocratic vision of subjugating our freedom and liberty to a Jihadist and Islamic finale.


  1. Without links or references, this is simply your opinion. If any of what you say has a basis in fact, prove it.


    1. Just read the media, it is written and shown all over the globe in black and white. You are asking about links, there are too many to list.
      Those who cannot see the real picture are either ignorant or pretend it does not exist.


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