Indeed, world antisemitism is on the rise and one wonders whether we are witnessing a repeat of the history prior and during World War II.  It signals that this scourge is very much like a dormant virus that awakens when conditions are propitious.  And this time is the downturn of the world economy, the conflict in Gaza with a terrorist entity and the rise of Islamism.

You would think that the civilized world, and by this I mean, the Western world, would side with a small country like Israel that has been enduring continuous rocket attacks against its citizens for the past eight years from an implacable terrorist entity bent on its destruction. But no, Israel is a Jewish country, and thus all Jews worldwide are complicit with the Jewish State’s defensive conflict against Hamas.

For those of you who have no knowledge of the offensives that took place throughout Europe in the 1930’s, you may wonder what types of Jew-baiting are considered antisemitic? Take for example the recent demonstrations (with a certain degree of encouragement by UN agencies),  that took place in college campuses in the UK, in Italy, in Sweden, Norway, Spain, Canada, and even in American campuses; diatribes such as “gas the Jews,” “boycott the Jews,” “Jews are guilty of the global economic meltdown,” and the onslaught against the Venezuelan Jewish community by President Hugo Chavez. Old synagogues are being defaced; Jewish cemeteries desecrated, “respectable” media rush to demonize Israel through unsupported claims. And let not forget the internet and media publications. This Jew bashing will indeed become more aggravated with the upcoming Durbin II conference in March.

So, what is a Jew to do in the face of this global pandemic? There is indeed a rational solution: Take the giant step of making aliyah. Yes, it is not easy to leave a comfortable life behind, but do not wait much longer when the situation may deteriorate to the point where it would be even more difficult. You should be worried today, but do not expect that tomorrow things may improve. Israel is a vibrant multicultural country, filled with life, determination and where you will identify with pride of being a Jew. We do not have natural resources, but we have the vision and the intellect to have made this small strip of land into a beautiful garden. And besides, whether you are religious or secular, it was written by the prophets over three thousand years ago, that Israel is eternal and that it is our home.

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